Wine & Dine with ChefXChange & 209LebaneseWine

As you know, ChefXChange is on a mission to redefine the concept of private entertainment. We have developed our platform of private chefs, for anyone looking to host, learn, or entertain, in the comfort of their home or chosen venue.

We provide you with a curated service and personal interaction with the Chef – making it hassle-free, exclusive, and at restaurant competitive prices. Our aim is to bring restaurant-quality dining straight to you. After all, we’re about creating unforgettable culinary experiences!

We’re constantly seeking to deliver the finest experience to our foodies. That’s why we’re relentlessly looking for new ways to better your culinary escapade – make it more whole let’s say. So it was only natural that we partner with another group of passionate F&B professionals: the 209LebaneseWine team.


ChefXchange partners with 209lebanesewine


What is 209LebaneseWine? is a personal online sommelier that helps you pick the best bottles of Lebanese wine, makes it easy to place your order online and makes sure it gets delivered straight to your door. It’s a powerful online platform that aims to give wine connoisseurs and social drinkers easy online access to the widest range of available Lebanese wine.

To make your holiday season more memorable, ChefXChange and 209 will be bringing you the best of both worlds; food and drink!

Book your private dinner with ChefXChange and get a 10% discount on your first purchase* You just need to enter this code: 209-CXC-f8s9428s.

The best part? 209 will put a perfectly paired selection of Lebanese wine on your table and send a connoisseur to help enhance your guests’ wine-drinking experience. We’ll also throw in a few special discounts for your guests to take home to use on their favorite bottle of wine! 


ChefXchange partners with 209lebanesewine


Why Lebanese Wine?

“Lebanon has a long and rich heritage of wine making and is home to more than 50 different wineries located all across the country, from Batroun in the North to the Chouf region, the more famous wineries of the Bekaa valley and the boutique producers in the South,” says 209 founder Selim Yasmine. “We want to build a community of Lebanese wine lovers.”

By working with wineries across Lebanon, 209 is the only online marketplace where customers will be able to find a selection of almost every available Lebanese wine. Just like ChefXChange works with chefs to provide foodies with a wide range of cuisines and deliver an exceptional feast for their eyes and palates.

This fits perfectly with our concept of dining and community building. We all know, there’s nothing better than wining and dining, right?


ChefXchange partners with 209lebanesewine


How does it work?

To overcome the issue of unfamiliarity with local labels, 209 has developed a powerful search and recommendation engine that acts as an online sommelier. Using a series of filters, 209 helps customers find and buy the best wine to suit their tastes, preferences and budget. 209 complements this service by sharing educational blog posts, expert guides and hosting regular events and tastings to encourage wine discovery and experimentation.

The convenient online payment and delivery-to-door system ensures a Standard 2-day or Express 24-hour delivery cycle anywhere in Lebanon.

Loyal users of 209 will also be able to earn points through purchases, referrals and social shares that can be used to buy future bottles. The idea is to spread the love of Lebanese wine and put a bottle on every wine lover’s table in Lebanon and abroad.

*Offer valid till January 31st, 2017.