Wine Etiquette 101

We have all heard about the expression dress to impress but what about the expression drink to impress? How many of you have tried to drink a glass of wine with class and elegance but have failed desperately? Whether it was to impress your co-workers or the cute boy/girl at the bar, I believe everyone needs a lesson in Wine Etiquette 101. Here’s a guide that contains many useful resources that will round out your wine knowledge.

1. Wine Clinking Etiquette

Clinking glasses has always been a way to toast and celebrate at gatherings but I am not sure you have been doing it right. You think this is ridiculous, but imagine yourself holding a fine crystal glass filled with expensive wine. Upon clinking, the glass breaks and the wine spill on the expensive rug beneath your feet. Why not learn how to clink properly to avoid any embarrassment and sound nice at the same time? This technique is referred to as the “Bell To Bell”. The aim is to direct the big round part of the glass, which is called the glass bell towards your clinking buddy’s glass bell. When in contact, a long sustained “ding!” is let out which causes everyone to look at you– so better enjoy the attention!


Wine Etiquette 101


2. Holding A Glass Of Wine

This, my friend, will teach you how to properly hold a glass of wine like a connoisseur. Basically you grip the base of the stem between your thumb and forefingers. It may seem more logical for you to cup the bowl due to its awkward, heavy weight, but ultimately, your hand will heat the wine making it less tasty for you to drink.


Wine Etiquette 101


3. Wine Serving Temperature

One of the trickiest aspects of serving wine is achieving the right temperature to maximize the wine’s properties. What is the right temperature for different types of wine?

For the all the lovers of red wine out there, I am sure you have wondered how to make your wine taste better. Well, I have the answer for you: it is recommended to serve it slightly below room temperature from 53 – 69°F. Don’t worry white wine lovers, I haven’t forgotten about you. Typically this type of wine tastes better from about 44 – 57°F. Sparkling wine usually does great at 38 – 45°F. Note: champagne and high quality sparkling wine should be served at white wine temperatures.


Wine Etiquette 101


4. How To Pour Wine Without Dripping

Here are some tricks to serve wine to your guest like a pro. First, always make sure you have a napkin in hand especially if you are serving many people. Make sure to hold the bottle with the label facing outward to allow your guest to see what they are drinking. Now to the important part: the pouring. It is essential to rotate the bottom side of the bottle away from you to throw away the tiny drips back to the back of the bottle. For all the beginners, don’t be afraid to use a napkin to catch any drips. I would hate to see a blood river on those nice apartments rugs. Wise advice: Practice is key if you want to perfect this trick; the more you practice the more wine you get to drink. Practice makes perfect!


Qanafar Wine - Private dinner with chef greg malouf


Now that you’re all set with the basic steps to impress your entourage, how about to put those skills to the test? Here are some tips on how to pair your food with your wine when hosting a dinner with your friends. Or, maybe you’d like to have a  blind tasting party? If you do not want to go through the hassle of cooking and cleaning up you can simply book a private chef at ChefXChange that will take care of all of that including the wine pairing. The chef will bring the food and the wine. You just have to dress up and show up at your own house. Don’t forget practice makes perfection so indulge in some exquisite wine from one of Lebanon’s great winemakers: Chateau Qanafar.