Winter on London’s South Bank

Days and nights are getting colder in London. That, however, doesn’t mean the City appeal is decreasing. One place guarantees you have great fun. That one place is London’s South Bank.

You get to see the traditional beauty of the glowing London Eye and decorated trees that illuminate the City so deeply that you can read a book at night. But the real magic enriching the South Bank lies in street food and fine dining. That is not to say you can’t do a decent shopping tour at South Bank. It is a perfect place to find unique Christmas gifts from artisan makers to unorthodox shops.

Be prepared to be spoilt for choice while enjoying a cider in the search for delectable street food on a cold day. You can warm up your soul with a cup of coffee and cake at National Theatre. Or you can go for a soothing tea in the Library at Marriott County Hall.

South Bank offers you plenty of choices, and make sure to explore them all as it is one of the greatest opportunities to get Christmas vibes ahead of time.

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