The Wizarding Food of Harry Potter

Wingardium Leviosa – If I could only levitate food and pop it right into my mouth! YUM!

We’ve all read Harry Potter, or at least watched the amazing movie series, and have waited year-after-year in anticipation for the next book/movie to come out. Now you tell me, which one was your favourite? Personally, I can’t seem to decide.

Hogwarts school of wizardry

In the midst of the battle, good versus evil, and Voldemort’s undying need to get rid of the famous Harry Potter (be sure to say his name with Voldemort’s accent), lies a whole lot of magical feasts for every occasion, and weird sounding delicacies. I mean come on, cockroach clusters? Now I’ve always been a little nosey; I’m always trying to imagine what they’re actually eating–it’s a need-to-know situation! 

Amidst all of the magic and the spells, the dishes all sounded enchanting! And now, thanks to the invention of Harry Potter World, my dreams have come true. All of those restaurants and food stands at the theme park serve everything your imagination desires, from the food to the famous Butterbeer! Here’s a list of the food I thought was interesting or worth a try! Be sure to share your list with me, and let’s compare!

Diagon Alley

In order of least appealing, to most delicious!

  1. Maggoty Haggis at nearly Headless Nick’s Deathday Party: Since ghosts don’t eat, they serve rotten food at Deathday parties. The stench is so bad, they can almost taste it! Gross! But what the hell, why not 😛 Haggis is sheep’s liver mixed with oatmeal and stuffed inside an animal stomach!
  2. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans: You might get something yummy like a chocolate or a toffee flavored bean. But then again, you might get belly button lint, dog food, phlegm, or vomit. Are you a risk taker?
  3. Chocolate Frogs: It was a little strange when these chocolate slimes started hopping away around Hogwarts! Gets you thinking, do they hop when you eat them? Or do they squirm before entering your mouth? Wonder wonder!
  4. Cauldron Cakes: Because sharing is caring, and who better to share with than your best friend? Harry shared these cakes with Ron on their first ride on the Hogwarts Express. What a way to start a friendship!
  5. Lupin’s chocolate: I always knew chocolate could save lives! Remember when the dementors passed by the Hogwarts Express? These little bad boys helped Harry recover! Woohoo, Lupin’s chocolate!
  6. Harry’s birthday cake from Hagrid: You’re a wizard, Harry! What better way to find out you’re a wizard than cake? Happee Birthdae Harry!
  7. Last but not least: Butterbeer!! Be sure to try out this delicious drink with anything you have! You’ll definitely miss out if you don’t!


Now I know what you’re thinking. You want to try all of these now, but Harry Potter world is miles away. What to do you may ask? Let me answer that question for you. Our Chefs can turn your dining room into the Hogwarts dining hall, and make you feel like you’re driving with Ron and Harry in their flying car!