You Won’t Believe that These Foods Contain Sugar

Sugar has been classified as an addictive item through tons of research and studies. Added sugar is bad for our bodies, it’s been known as the while poison, because it’s added to everything. You won’t believe that these foods contain sugar, yes you won’t. The following list contains food items that we all love and think that they are good and healthy for us, the sad surprise is that they contain lots of sugar to reach our plates.

foods contain sugar

Here’s Our List Of  Foods Contain Sugar

Flavored Yogurt

Fruit-flavored yogurt might seem and look healthy; after all it’s yogurt and fruits, what could possibly go wrong? Sugar. A typical 6-ounce container of fruit-flavored yogurt contained 26 grams of sugar, more than half of which is added sugar, according to Business Insider.

Still want your yogurt morning fix? Take Greek yogurt instead, it’s filled with protein and calcium and add fresh fruits with a bit of honey for your daily sugar intake. Don’t have time for that? Take the unflavored yogurt instead, it contains third of the sugar the fruit-flavored ones have.

foods contain sugar

Dried Fruit

We didn’t see that one coming either. It’s fruit and dried, why would it contain any added sugar other than natural sugar it has? When fruits are dried, they lose most of their flavor, so to compensate for that and make it more marketable, big companies add flavor-enhancing things that are packed with sugar. If you’re craving dried fruits, try to find those that are sold in your farmer’s market or in your next-door organic store. However, if you can’t give them up, make sure to monitor how much you’re eating and try to avoid dried pineapple, banana chips, cranberries and water melon; they contain the highest amount of added sugar.

Sauces (Pasta, BBQ. Asian, Ketchup)

Sauces in general are found in almost every meal, whether it’s ketchup, pasta sauce, BBQ sauce, or any Asian sauce. They are delicious and make our meals taste much better. Sad truth, they are packed with added sugar, yes they are, even Ketchup. Imagine adding sugar on top of your fresh fries doesn’t seem appealing, right? BBQ sauce is the worst thought, it’s packed with sodium and has 6grams of sugar per tablespoon, but no one eats just one tablespoon with his/her meal! So imagine how much sugar you’re eating with that. What’s more appalling for us is pasta sauce, we usually dump the whole jar of pasta sauce to our pasta, can you imagine how much sugar that is? Coupled with your pasta, which contains also sugar and heaps amount of carbs. What’s the solution for this one?

Opt out of the condiments, make sure that the sauces you use have either small amount of sugar or none, and make your own fresh pasta sauce from scratch!

foods contain sugar


We didn’t see this one coming! Apparently milk has 12 grams of sugar per serving, can you believe that? This is a lot if you’re taking it with your oatmeal (that contains sugar as well). Still want you calcium daily intake? Easy. Get it from broccoli and dark leafy greens. Also, try to limit your milk intake or find a local supplier that gets your organic milk from their farm without all the added stuff.

foods contain sugar


Never thought that bread would also contain sugar right? Well, it does, especially if it’s processed and refined kind of bread. While any kind of bread still contains sugar; it’s a fact the whole grains bread contain much less sugar (2g/ loaf) and it has more nutritional value. I would totally opt from bread, but if you must, make sure to take the whole grains.

foods contain sugar

What’s the best way to go about that? Hire a private chef to teach you how to make meals and even bread with no added sugar or less sugar! Check out our concierge page, our chefs will make sure you get all the healthy nutrient that you want.