How I Make $2500 a Month Working as a Private Chef for ChefXChange

We often talk about what kind of experiences you can get with ChefXChange as a foodie. The delicious dinners, catering for your office or an amazing cooking class. But what is it actually like working as a private chef with ChefXChange?  We would like to show you what happens “behind the scenes” and what kind of experience can you expect as a chef when you register with ChefXChange. Have a look what our chefs say about their partnership with ChefXChange!

How I Make $2500 a Month Working Part Time as a Chef for ChefXChange

How I Make $2500 a Month Working as a Private Chef for ChefXChange

Chef Andrea Zagatti in London

Chef Andrea

Chef Andrea’s culinary journey

“From the fresh pasta and Sunday “cappelletti” of my grandma, to the French cooking school Le Cordon Bleu. I’ve been learning a lot through both my passion and my school. Reading many books of Heston Blumenthal and of south american cuisine.. Experimenting sushi and pho at home with friends.”

Working with ChefXChange

Andrea has been working with ChefXChange since May 2015. He joined because he was looking for new exciting opportunities to cook for private events, where he can use all of his amazing culinary skills and cook for foodies who are looking for extraordinary food. 

Chef Andrea on average charges around $200 per person for his indulgent culinary experiences. And working part time he is able to make $2500 a month. Of course, some months are busier and some less.

Chef Andreas best and worst experience with ChefXChange


“A dinner in Dubai for some very high net worth clients. An exciting menu and a wonderful team helped to realise a really unforgettable dinner.”


“Haven’t had any negative experiences yet with ChefXChange, one of the reasons I repute it a top company in this environment.” 

Chef Karim in Lebanon

Chef Karim

Chef Karim’s culinary journey

“Born to cook, not an easy word, but when you dare yourself to professionalism, you can achieve it. I Graduated from La Sagesse University – Faculty of Hospitality Management, with the academic certification of Ecole Hoteliere de Laussane Switzerland. And working in a Three Michelin Star Restaurant “De Librije” top best restaurant in Netherlands for more than 11 years and one of the Top Restaurant in the World.”

Working with ChefXChange

Karim has been part of ChefXChange chef community since January 2016. He chose to work with the platform because it allowed him to reach a larger audience and empowered him as a chef to get the kind of bookings that he desired. 

Chef Karim’s specialty is sushi. He can create many amazing experiences, and they vary in price from $35 to $300 per head. With ChefXChange he is able to earn approximately $1750 per month working part time.

Chef Karim’s best and worst experience with ChefXChange


“Foodie Lilia: Used highest quality products, Someone who knows food, appreciates taste, presentation, ingredients, creativity, very positive.”


“People who come with a low budget – it compromises taste as we can’t get top quality ingredients and we are restricted to a certain budget per course so we can’t get really creative.” 

Chef Samih in Saint Barthelemy

Chef Samih

Chef Samih’s culinary journey

“My mum was my biggest inspiration as she was a well-known chef in the Maldives – especially for local cuisine but even doing catering & cakes for various functions. Thus having grown up in an environment of fine food and commercial cooking, I started getting involved in cooking at the tender age of 7 or 8 years old, although I was more in the way than being able to do much! Thus my passion for cooking and food led it to be my profession”

Working with ChefXChange

Chef Samih has been working with ChefXChange since 2016. Samih became a very popular chef in Dubai, where he was working before his move to the Caribbean. Samih chose to use ChefXChange as it made his work easier and more secure. Being on a platform allowed him to gain an access to bookings with concierge companies, specialist travel companies, villa operators and PAs of high net worth individuals that otherwise would have been difficult to get. 

Samih also mentions that working through ChefXChange made it easy for him to not worry about payments as the platform makes sure the booking gets paid for, so he could focus on the pleasure of working and less on the operational side. He also said that he chose ChefXchange because the platform was easy to use and intuitive.

Samih is a high-end chef, who charges an average of $100 per person, with ChefXChange he was able to make as much as $9000 a month in peak periods of the year.

Chef Samih’s best and worst experience with ChefXChange


“I have had many wonderful lunch and dinner experiences as most of the clients that come thrpugh the platform are mostly smart and well travelled clients that love good food. Hence, it is always a pleasure to cook for such clients who can appreciate high end cuisine, quality produce, refined cooking techniques and fine presentations. Most of the time, there is a very close interaction with the clients during the meal service and the reaction of the client when they see and consume each dish is priceless and it is the best measure of the client’s satisfaction. “


“I had a period of back-to-back bookings and took one too many, where a Christmas dinner had turned into a nightmare. I had to do the shopping for the event during the morning and the the turkey did not have sufficient time to thaw and be roasted properly and I did not have sufficient time to prepare. On top of it I had to work and serve the dinner from a very small hotel (apartment) kitchen that further complicated the the whole evening.” 

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