Your Christmas Menu awaits you at Beirut Souks

This year, ChefXChange is collaborating with Afkart to bring you a one-of-a-kind Designers’ Christmas Week. We will be taking you on an epicurean escapade with your favorite holiday dishes, ChefXChange style!

Food quote by Ruth Reichl

On Our Christmas Menu: Stuffed Turkey Breast


This year ChefXChange is collaborating with Afkart for a festive and delicious Christmas celebration!

In Souk El Sagha, ChefXChange will be putting together a food court run by Chef Karim, giving you a very festive culinary experience. Think raclette, turkey, tartiflette, and much more!

With stands in Souk El Tawileh and Souk El Jamil, and boutiques and a pop-up store in Souk El Sagha, this exhibition is sure to be one-of-a-kind.

Join us in celebrating the holidays and shop for your gifts while supporting the local economy! 

 Where? Beirut Souks – Souk El Sagha
When? December 8th till 14th, 2016.
Time? 2 pm till 10 pm.
What’s on the Christmas Menu? Check out the deliciousness below.

The Christmas Menu

Christmas Menu at Afkart Christmas Exhibition

We’ll be waiting for you! Come with your friends, family and loved ones!

About Afkart

Since 2002, Afkart is a yearly exhibition in Lebanon, organised by the Beirut Association for Social Development, that strives to promote new talent.

Its goal is to promote artists, artisans, and designers by giving them an opportunitto exhibit their unique work to a wider, more sophisticated audience. 

On the Christmas Menu: Cold Cuts, Raclette & Grilled Potato

On Our Christmas Menu: Grilled Grilled Potato, Cold Cuts & Raclette!


Having been around for the past decade, Afkart has become a heritage to the Lebanese arts & culture scene and can be considered responsible for the fame of some of the best designers in the country today.