You’re Definitely English if You Eat These Foods

Whether your mum used to make them or you crave them when you go abroad or they just remind you of England you’re definitely English if you eat these foods.  We are a proud nation of our food, from fish and chips to baked beans to a victoria sponge, we are a nation that loves our food and talking about our food.  There are certain foods that make us reminisce about our past, so take a look at our classic British foods and see what memories they bring up for you.

“To eat well in England you should have breakfast three times a day.”
– W. Somerset Maugham

Baked Beans

baked beans

Whether they’re on toast or with chips and sausages, the English love their beans.  There’s no denying that when you go abroad they just can’t quite get the beans right, the thick tomato sauce and soft beans is never quite right in a different country.


Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

Whether you have it on your cheese on toast or mixed in with your stew there’s no denying that the English miss the taste of this sauce if they haven’t had it in a while.


Cheddar Cheese


Us Brits argue that cheese goes on anything and if we’re unsure we will try it, we put it on toast, in mash, on vegetables, anything, you can name we’ve tried it.  Not only cheese but cheddar cheese is what us Brits love.



What better to go with a cheese sandwich than some pickle, Branston definitely is the best.




When they come into season in the summer and the smell makes its way down the high street from the greengrocer you know it’s time to buy cherries in a brown paper bag.


Fish & Chips

fish and chips

On a Friday night, and if you were lucky enough to live by the sea then they are eaten on the beach, or it’s raining eaten in the car overlooking the beach.


Toad in the Hole


What more could you want than a giant Yorkshire stuffed with sausages and drowned in onion gravy?


Bangers and Mash


Whether you eat them with beans or with gravy there’s no denying that this is a real English winter supper.


Sunday Roast


No points for guessing which day this is eaten on, but why did schools always serve it on a Wednesday?  Whether your meat is lamb, chicken, pork or feef there’s no denying this would make your weekend, especially as you would always overindulge so much you would have to take a nap to sleep off the food.


Yorkshire Puddings

yorkshire pudding

It’s not England if you’re not fighting over who can make the biggest Yorkshire.


Bubble and Squeak

The highlight of a Monday evening after returning to work or school after a weekend was coming home to bubble and squeak to eat up the leftovers from a Sunday Roast.


Apple Crumble

There’s nothing to complete a Roast Dinner like an Apple Crumble, and even adding other fruits in it like blackberries or rhubarb, whether you have it with cream, ice cream or custard.


Bread and Butter Pudding

Making this to use up the stale bread and sometimes changing the raisins to chocolate if you were lucky.


Full English

fry up

Waking up on a Saturday morning, with or without a hangover it doesn’t matter, you’re having a full English, bacon, sausage, beans, chips, eggs, toast and tea the works, even a black pudding if you’re lucky.


Bacon Sandwich

bacon sandwich

If you’re too rushed for time to have a full English then you slap together a bacon butty, laden with Ketchup or HP Sauce.


English Breakfast Tea


No breakfast is complete without a cup of this, and going abroad and asking for a cup of tea to get the response of “what flavour” is just confusing.  There is only one tea, English Breakfast Tea, if I wanted a different flavour I would ask for a fruit or herbal tea.


Stick of Rock


This should bring back childhood memories of summer holidays at the seaside with fairground rides and donkeys on the beach.


Scotch Egg

The perfect snack at a picnic in the park.


Pork Pie

Another great accompaniment to a picnic, or even as a whole meal on their own with some salad on the side.


Victoria Sponge

Made in the summer time when guests are coming round for afternoon tea and cake, or even splashing out and having a full high tea.


So that’s our list of ultimate British food. If there are any others you would have added to the list let us know in the comments below.  Let us know what you think of these foods too, in the comments below.


If you’re looking for a Chef to whip you up a traditional British menu take a look at Chef Jonathan in London or Chef Alex in Abu Dhabi.