You’ve definitely lived in DC if you’ve eaten…

A lot of people don’t realize that Washington, DC is a foodie haven. Leaving San Francisco for two months to go to DC was a tough choice for me especially when it came to food. SF was rich with all its restaurants and authentic flavors. However, one week after my move to DC, I realized that I was in the right place! Continue reading to find out more about my food journey. 

When people hear about Washington DC, they tend to only think about the government, politics, and horrible traffic conditions. These things are a huge turn-off to many people. Albeit all of those things, what most people don’t know about DC is that it is very diverse. There are two large universities that are known worldwide in addition to many other universities as well, which drives a whole bunch of international students and professors to this small district. Many young professionals complete their summer internships in DC, and many of them are of different nationalities. Additionally, the international NGO community drives international people from abroad to Washington DC. These factors coupled with many other factors have made DC vibrant and diverse, boasting a long list of cultural influences and foods. 

As with moving to any new city, I did my usual food tour to explore the food scene. I came up with a short list of my very favorite food and places that I am sure everyone living in DC has tried before and if you haven’t, you definitely should!


1- Georgetown Cupcakes

Cupcakes? Say no more! These delicious small bites are to die for. I remember waiting in line for 45 mins to get inside the small bakery and get my dose of sugar for the day. It was totally worth it! They have over 18 different flavors, they even have gluten free ones; my personal favorite is the red velvet.

Hint: There’s a second location on Bethesda Row in Bethesda (a short walk from the metro station). Same delicious cupcakes and can save you from a long wait more so than not!


? #CupcakeCam

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2- Lebanese Taverna

When I first moved to the US, I wasn’t very impressed with the Arabic restaurants–they were underwhelming. I really wanted to give this one a shot and I am so glad I did! Everything they have is to die for, especially the hummus and kebbeh and don’t get me started on their tabbouleh. They even have Lebanese Arak which goes really well with the whole meal. Yes, they are a chain restaurant (though a local chain specific to the greater DC metro area) but don’t be fooled into thinking that just because it’s a chain, it’s not worth a try–you’d be sorry!    


This picture looks so good you can almost taste it! @thelazychopstick enjoyed our #hommus! #Repost #lebanesefood A photo posted by Lebanese Taverna (@lebanesetaverna) on


3- Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck

DC’s Food truck scene has boomed within the past few years (you can read about the history of food trucks here). In the busy streets of DC where people barely have enough time to take a short lunch break, food trucks are the right choice for them. However, Red Hook Lobster doesn’t provide the norm as far food truck food is concerned. Yes, you heard that right, they are all about lobster and it’s so delicious! They are bringing a taste of Maine to DC and they are right on point! When you see a long line, you will know it is the Red Hook food truck. My personal favorite is the Lobster Roll–it’s a must try! Follow them on Twitter at @LobstertruckDC to know if/when they are near you.


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