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Chef Ana
London | Rating: N/A | Professional
Specialty Cuisines: Fusion, International, Japanese, Mediterranean
Vetted Experiences: Private Chef, Personal Chef, Cooking Class, Corporate Event, Catering, Chef Consultancy

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How did you start your journey?

My passion for cooking started when I was very young, therefore, over the years I have absorbed a large and varied range of influences and styles. My current interest is in modern gastronomy, and specifically focusing on Japanese cuisine.

Where is your cuisine inspired from?

I got interested in cooking from a very young age. I had significant inspiration from my father - most of my childhood memories with him include the two of us together in the kitchen. I started cooking and getting formal culinary training when I was a teenager. At the age of 14 I took my first cooking-courses following which I started baking tarts and selling them. As soon as I graduated from university, I took a six months course and became a professional cook. In September 2014, I completed the Le Cordon Bleu London's Cuisine Diplome. To gain more experience I did some short internships in a Thai restaurant and in a vegetarian restaurant. My most recent job was in a German-cuisine restaurant where I realised I aspire to expand my creativity and need more freedom in order to really put my passion into what I cook. I see cooking as a creative and expressive process. When I cook I do it with my hands, with my heart and with my soul. This is why I decided to leave the restaurant and become a private chef.


Commis chef | German Gymnasium | 2015 - 2016
In this full-time job, I worked on the starter section, doing the preparation and serving/plating the dishes for the customers.

Stage | Vanilla Black - vegetarian restaurant | 2014
In this stage, I helped the staff to prepare and plate the dishes.

Chef | Self-employed | 2009 - 2015
After finished my first course in culinary, I started to work as a private chef.

Stage | Wok restaurant - thai restaurant | 2009
In this stage, I helped the chef/owner to prepare and to plate the dishes.


Student | Le Cordon Bleu London | 2014

Student | Senac - professional cooking course | 2008

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Strict - No refund after booking is made

What languages do you speak?

English, Portuguese

How far can you travel?

16 kms

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