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Chef Andrea
Dubai | | Professional
Specialty Cuisines: BBQ, Greek, International, Mediterranean, Soul Food/Southern (US)
Vetted Experiences: Private Chef, Personal Chef, Cooking Class, Corporate Event, Catering

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How did you start your journey?

As a disciple of nose to tail eating, I believe in not wasting anything. Introducing people to new flavors, reinventing classical dishes and sticking to traditions. My cuisine is inspired from my travels all around the world, especially delicious street food and things on sticks! I enjoy to bring out the distinct flavors of each ingredient and showcase the nothing less than the high quality of the products I use. I love showing what I do and teaching along with cooking. Interaction with other people loving food is the best confidence boost and it inspires me to push the limit. If you are brave enough to taste it then I am willing to make it!!!! I am also a TV Presenter on "WHATS COOKING UAE" travelling around the UAE, in search of other Chefs pushing limits, trying something new and discovering tastes I have never had before. Follow me on @ChefandreaK

Where is your cuisine inspired from?

I had started cooking at a very young age helping my papou (grandfather) in the kitchen. He used to be a chef for the Greek Navy. From there I started working with my parents in their typical Greek Taverna in Canada. I loved the cuisine, as I grew up with it my whole life, but wanted to learn more, so I then studied the culinary arts and moved to Montreal working with one of the best chefs Fred Morin. He showed me how to make classic home cooking with basic ingredients and making them wow! I learnt more from him than from school. From there I continue to cook a simple, rich, classic cuisine. And not really care what others wanted but cooked what I loved and people followed. Then came many travels and explorations of international cuisines, working in private parties at people's homes, which allowed me to express my talents with new and inventive flavors each day. Restaurants bore me. And when I am asked which is my favorite restaurant.... there is 2 - one is my home of course and the second a small restaurant on a cliff side in Greece where everything you eat has been grown on that very farm , fresh caught fish from the sea and all cooked with no electricity ! Absolute perfection.


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What is your Cancellation Policy?

Strict - No refund after booking is made

What languages do you speak?

English, French

How far can you travel?

500 kms

Foodie Katie | 5.0

Chef Andrea was extremely helpful and approachable. Very friendly and provided a great atmosphere for the night. Would thoroughly recommend her to others in the future.

Foodie Daren | 4.8

If you're considering hiring a private chef for a that unique experience, stop looking, you found THE CHEF.

We opted for a Thai menu that was simply awesome ...

Foodie Luis | 5.0

One word to describe the experience: "amazing".

Foodie Offline Booking | 5.0

This booking was a 10-days cooking show held at Exhibition Center in Dubai:
"We were very happy with Andrea live cooking show. She is an amazing person and chef!"

Foodie Amina | 5.0

We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Chef Andrea- far exceeding our expectations!

From the very first message, Andrea was prompt, professional and very accommodating to our often-fluctuating needs ...

Foodie Maged | 5.0

Very social and kind chef, our guests were entertained by the quality of food, presentation but also the lightness of spirit of chef Andrea. Thank you for this great experience!

Foodie Natasha | 5.0

Absolutely fantastic evening with Chef Andrea! Her cooking was exceptional, as was her company. Would recommend the Chef Andrea experience to anyone looking for a very tasty, impressive, unique and ...

Foodie Karine And Gregory | 4.7

A true food adventure with our special bacon day designed to welcome our Northern family from England! A menu filled with the most surprising mixes and taste all around bacon.. ...

Foodie Karine And Gregory | 4.7

We had a fantastic day with Chef Andrea. What a fun and out of ordinary experience with her extreme food adventure. Greg, my son, saw the transformation of food you ...

Foodie Alexandra | 4.7

Chef Andrea was great, we had a very good time!

Foodie Kishan | 4.3

Great evening and Chef Andrea was a pleasure to have in our kitchen. Her shark tempura bites were exquisite!

Foodie Karl | 4.5

Chef Andrea amazed us with a Spanish menu including gazpacho, seafood paella as well as some Greek delicacies with a feta watermelon salad, and fried cheese with honey. Great food ...