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Chef Daniel
Dubai | Rating: N/A | Amateur
Specialty Cuisines: Asian, Fusion, Sri Lankan
Vetted Experiences: Private Chef, Cooking Class, Catering

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How did you start your journey?

Authentic Sri Lankan delicacies and a fusion of innovatively tweaked and flavoured dishes based on my unique & self taught cooking style. I've been cooking for almost 30 years at home and for friends. This has helped me to fine tune and tweak my style according to the preferences of the diners.

Where is your cuisine inspired from?

Welcome to Deejay's Kitchen! We provide delicious convenience by preparing the best tasting foods for your exclusive circle of family or friends. And we come prepared, do it in your home and in your kitchen, and make sure freshness is guaranteed in every bite. I am Daniel Jason. Friends call me DJ. Ever since I had stepped into my mother's kitchen for the first time, some 30 years ago, food has fascinated me. I was instantly in love with the ingredients, the aromas, the processes, and saving the best for the last, the tasteful eating! Though life took me into the corporate world as a certified brand marketing professional, as a genuine foodie, my dream of providing an exclusive dining experience to the discerning, has stayed alive. Friends and family alike, who have tasted food at home, have always encouraged me to pursue this passion. As a Sri Lankan, I stay true to my roots. Every dish that is served by Deejay's has the subtle touch of a Sri Lankan home. At the same time, I have fused the goodness of cuisines I've been fortunate enough to taste during my travels, and incorporated them into Sri Lankan delicacies. So the next time you think of inviting home your trusted circle of friends or decide to celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones, or just want to have a quiet feast yourself, call me. I'll come over, understand your requirements, make my recommendations and cook up some great tasting food together with a few memories to cherish! - Daniel Jason


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What is your Cancellation Policy?

Flexible - Full refund up to 2 days prior to event, except Foodie Service fees

What languages do you speak?


How far can you travel?

150 kms

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