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Chef David
Glasgow | Rating: N/A | Professional
Specialty Cuisines: BBQ, British, Indian, International, Mediterranean
Vetted Experiences: Private Chef

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How did you start your journey?

Accomplished Private Chef with over 20 year's of international experience offering a multitude of taste sensations and multi sensory suppers. From my exclusive finest French sourced, Russian taste caviar to start your event with a bang adding some extra bling with a 5 course Vanilla fine dining menu. My passion is creating unique food experiences for my diners. Intimate dinners for two, corporate client entertainment matched with fine wines, cocktails, BBQs, weddings and events we can create a bespoke menu tailored to your needs.

Where is your cuisine inspired from?

From the age of 3 I've been cooking up a (sometimes smoky) storm in the kitchen developing and nurturing my passion for flavour, taste, technique and sourcing the best produce from all corners of the globe. Working hard in kitchens professionally since I was 12 I have had a great career grounded in the basic building blocks of French gastronomy with Scottish produce. My repertoire is as varied as classics from my time at Gordon Ramsay's Amaryllis to my 93 year old grandmother's Shortbread. Mixed in with some interesting fusion foods from my time in the Los Angeles, New Zealand, Bali & an extensive period travelling the Mediterranean sea. I love to cook spicy, flavorsome Thai, Japanese & Indian food and believe in teaching my diners why I do what I do. Imparting some knowledge or spreading the gospel of real vanilla ensures my guests get an experience they cannot find somewhere else on the high street. It is truly a joy and a privilege to work with the world's very best produce here in the UK for my discerning clientele. I have worked for 6 royal families, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II @ Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. And also worked on megayachts up to 140m travelling the world over the last 5 years.


Owner & Founder | Doha Cook School | 2016 - Now
I have recently launched where we bring some of the most exclusive food products available in Doha to our clients and deliver bespoke cookery classes for private clients in their own homes. If you want to learn how to butcher a Rib Eye, Fillet a whole 6 kg Wild Turbot, create beautiful cupcakes and tray-bakes or make Madeleine's to die for we can do just that. Explaining the science and techniques along the way. Offering you some additional chef hints and tips!

Private Chef | DjX Chef Limited | 2003 - Now
For over 12 years I have been private chef to various A-list clients, Royal households and UHNW individuals. Perfecting my craft from a young age alongside grand regal settings including Lee Castle for 7 years for the Baron of Lee, Holyrood Palace for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the Qatari & Abu Dhabi Royal households too. I pride myself on making connections with these people and delivering food excellence time and again. I'm there to excite you through positive food therapy!


MD, Owner & Founder | Platinumeats | 2012 - Now
Owner of a small specialist boutique export company flying Scotland's finest fresh fish and meat to clients across the globe. From megayachts up to 140m, to Royal palaces, and everything in between we create a real bond between farm and fork. Often sourcing top quality ingredients on short notice for an AA rated client-list we are not fazed by the glitz of St Tropez or the Glamour of Monaco... We fit right in alongside your operation adding real value for your guests.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Strict - No refund after booking is made

What languages do you speak?

English, French

How far can you travel?

500 kms

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