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Chef Donnchadh

I love working with the freshest of products show casing them in a way that makes your dream night a reality

Donnchadh is your 4.9 star chef in Abu Dhabi, for hire to cook Asian & French & Japanese cuisines. Donnchadh is excited to create your exclusive culinary experience with ChefXChange!



Private Chef

Personal Chef

Chef Consultancy

Summary of where the Chef’s cuisine is inspired from and how he/she goes about expressing it

After 23 years as a professional chef, traveling all over the world cooking in the best restaurants and hotels. I believe food is very personal and should describe you in every bite from the vision of the dish to the complex flavors on your plate, refined and cooked with dedication and love to enhance your guests as well as your experience on the night.

List of the Chef's favorite ingredients

  • Quail
  • Fish
  • Chocolate
  • Offal
  • Game


  • Asian
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Mediterranean

Experiences Provided

  • Private Chef
  • Personal Chef
  • Catering
  • Chef Consultancy

How did the Chef learn how to cook and what is his story?

I left home when I was quite young, and had to get a job. Washing dishes was the only I knew.. I remember looking at the chefs cooking, the pace, the adrenaline, the madness of it all. I was 15 years old, and I was hooked. One day, a chef didn't show up and I said "yeah, I can handle this", and never turned back since. I have seen the world, met the rich and famous people, had some great nights and some really bad ones, but I wouldn't change a thing, I LOVED IT!


  • Professional


Executive/Head-Chef experience with 4 and 5* hotels and Michelin star establishments
Chef (Jan 1993 - Now)

Executive/Head-Chef experience with 4 and 5* hotels and Michelin star establishments · Trained by Gordon Ramsey, Ian Pengelly, Michael Von Hruschka, Albert Roux, John Dunne and Michael Rath · Training and development specialist and HACCP approved · Successful catering experience (1,200+ people) · Menu design for restaurants, hotels, outdoor catering and aircraft · Introduced HACCP system in kitchens, on-site

Work Experience

No description provided.


Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Travel: 234 kms

Language Spoken

No description provided.

Cancellation Policy

  • Strict
    No refund after booking is made
Reviews from Foodies:
November 2017
An AMAZING Chef!! Professional, friendly, creative, organised, experienced - Chef Donnchadh listened to my requests and he made culinary magic happen. I did not have to do a thing. My wife was over-joyed (this was a birthday surprise for her). Chef Donnchadh has ensured that I'm in my wife's good books for the next 12 months. THANK YOU CHEF!!!!!
November 2017
We had an amazing evening with the perfect selection of dishes. Chef Donnchadh was superb and gets top ratings from all who attended.
Dr. Saad
October 2017
Great experience with Chef Donnchadh. A true gentleman, went above and beyond with creative food and presentation
July 2016
Chef truly made our anniversary night so special by creating fantastic 5 star quality dishes that were so flavorful and fresh. My wife and I felt that we had brought a 5 star restaurant into our kitchen. The chef was also kind enough to surprise us with additional ingredients and courses. The chef and his assistant were so professional and dedicated and we would definitely highly recommend them for your special events.
May 2016
We had a wonderful time with our guests thanks to Chef Lillean and team who not only tailored a wonderful menu for us but also took care of the table setting. He listened to all our tweaks and everything was delicious. Special mention to the duo of glazed scallops and beef shank and to the butternut squash infused risotto with grilled vegetables. Looking forward to another event with them !