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Chef Georgios
Athens | Rating: N/A | Professional
Specialty Cuisines: BBQ, French, Greek, International, Mediterranean
Vetted Experiences: Private Chef, Personal Chef, Cooking Class, Chef Consultancy

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How did you start your journey?

I am in favor of the fresh,seasonal,local ingredients that can give an excellent result,supported by the technique and the creativity of the chef. Always prefer to cook and serve when the guest is on the table,ensuring the highest quality of the food. Openminded and adaptable in differentations and requirements related with religious,nutrional,health or philosophy habits.

Where is your cuisine inspired from?

Always remember live and grow in a family that was dedicated on cooking ,well-eating and spending a lot of time around a table. I started to cook at 13 taking the position next to my grandma.I was an amateur cook as a student,as a single worker,in the army,but my studies and work in the tourism administration gave me the chance to get in some of the best restaurants and kitchens around the world as a guest ,until the moment I realised that my life was in the kitchen and not around it...Then things just got their way...After almost 12 years of continuous work and search for the best and superior flavour and sense for the food, I feel able to make everything be so charming and delicious.


Private Chef | White Key Villas | 2017 - Now
Private cooking for guests around the world on a contract basis varies according to their needs. People with different and opposing eating habits related to their nutrional, religious,health,social status rely on chef's ability to have a unique gastronomical experience. The key to succeed is respect the guests,the ingredients and the recipes,your partners and always give your identity on the food.

Author | Le Livres du Tourisme ,Publisher | 2015 - 2016
Co-author of the professional culinary book "gia mageires"(for cooks). ISBN 960-8382-54-8 Inside the 445 pages of the book are presented all the techniques of professional cuisine, raw materials, basic equipment, as well as more than 50 recipes in a modern, clear and understandable way for everyone. The rich photographic material that accompanies it, the analytical paintings and the modern food styling of the recipes, make it the new great classic book of professional cooking.

F&B Consultant,Private Chef | Savvaidis real Estate Co.,Rodos, Greece | 2014 - 2016
Working as an F&B consultant for the renovation and the equipment of the villas.Also as a Private chef to the owned villas of UHNWI customers of the company.

Certified Culinary Chef/Instructor | Le Monde Institute of tourism studies ( | 2011 - Now
Teaching in one of the most famous culinary institutes around Europe with more than 800 new students every year.The goal of the course is to create new chefs, that will combine productive and organizational abilities in order to be occupied in each and every category and type of food enterprise (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering, Cruise-Ships).

Personal Chef | LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO LTD | 2011 - 2012
Personal chef of the owner in yacht ZALIV III(50m) and villas,houses around Greece. Main tasks:equip new kitchens,train staff,cook,arrange supplies etc.

Assisstant Chef | Le Monde Institute of tourism studies( | 2009 - 2011
Working as an assistant Chef in Food Friends/Food Professionals/Wine Friends specialised seminars, Eurochef Postgraduate Programme and Advanced Culinary Diploma of Le Monde. Accomplishing more than 500 seminars next to famous Greek and foreigners Chefs.

Commis Chef-Chef de partie | Grande Bretagne Athens-Starwood luxury collection | 2008 - 2012
Working in restaurants GB Corner, Roof Garden,Banquet Kitchen and Pool Bar.


Advanced Professional Programme in Culinary Arts | Ecole Superier Gregoire Ferrandi PARIS | 2010
Learning and practising next to top level French chefs in an intensive course of basic to advanced culinary techniques, traditional French and Mediterranean cuisine and regional specialties and the latest trends in contemporary cooking.

Commis Chef | Grande Bretagne Athens, Starwood luxury collection | 2008
Working in GB Roof garden restaurant(meditteranean cuisine), at the sections of Pasta,cold kitchen,Hot kitchen.

Commis Chef | Hilton Rhodes | 2007
Working in the section of Hot kitchen,breakfast and buffet.

Culinary studies,production of food | Le Monde Institute of tourism studies | 2006 - 2008
Graduating with the highest grade(19,78/20) among the students of 2006-2008 class. Indicative course’s list: *Structure of meat, fish & poultry *Dish decoration & Food Styling *Traditional Greek Cuisine *International Cuisine *Food & Beverage operations *Professional Confection Production *Professional Food Production *English terminology *French terminology *Dietetics-Nutrition *Human Resources Management Professional

Tourism management | Department of Tourism Industry/School of Business Administration and Economics/Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki | 2000 - 2010

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Strict - No refund after booking is made

What languages do you speak?

English, Greek

How far can you travel?

500 kms

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