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Chef Gilbert
Beirut | Rating: N/A | Amateur
Specialty Cuisines: Asian, BBQ, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern
Vetted Experiences: Private Chef

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How did you start your journey?

My cuisine is inspired from all the places I've traveled to (Africa, Asia, Europe, Central & South America and the Middle East). I like to mix different cuisines resulting in unexpected flavors.

Where is your cuisine inspired from?

I have always been picky with the food I eat. One incident that I encountered as a boy stands out till this day. I was ordering a burger - such a simple act - and as I was ordering I kept telling the guy who was about to make it to remove this or add that. Eventually, the cook looked at me and said, "would you prefer doing it yourself?". Such a simple statement yet it changed my life. Ever since then, I try to take risks with the food I cook. I like to blend different ingredients together that end up being a mind blowing combination. As I grew up, it became a mission of mine to entertain myself with daring dishes that could not be found in restaurants and now its time for me to entertain you.


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What is your Cancellation Policy?

Moderate - Full refund up to 1 week before the event, 50% refund up to 2 days prior to event, except Foodie Service fees

What languages do you speak?

English, French, Arabic

How far can you travel?

500 kms

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