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Modern Middle Eastern Master & proud Michelin Star Chef honouring the cuisine of Lebanon

Greg is your 5.0 star chef in Dubai, for hire to cook International & Iranian & Lebanese cuisines. Greg is excited to create your exclusive culinary experience with ChefXChange!



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Cooking Class

Summary of where the Chef’s cuisine is inspired from and how he/she goes about expressing it

Greg Malouf, Chef / Author and the mastermind behind contemporary Middle Eastern cuisine. Inspired by his extensive travels around North Africa and Moorish Spain, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran and the Arabian Peninsula, Greg’s dishes are full of exciting flavours, aromas and colours and are, above all, a celebration of the spirit of generosity and sharing that characterizes the region.

List of the Chef's favorite ingredients

  • Yoghurt
  • Olives
  • Za'atar
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Red meat
  • Pomegranates
  • Figs
  • Aubergine
  • Saffron
  • Rabbit
  • Garlic
  • Chickpeas
  • Couscous
  • Arborio rice


  • International
  • Iranian
  • Lebanese
  • Middle Eastern
  • Turkish

Experiences Provided

  • Private Chef
  • Cooking Class
  • Chef Consultancy

How did the Chef learn how to cook and what is his story?

Australia of Lebanese parents. After serving his formal apprenticeship in several of Australia’s finest restaurants, he went on to work in France, Italy, Austria and Hong Kong. Drawing on his cultural heritage and European training, Greg has forged a unique style of cooking that combines Middle Eastern tradition with contemporary flair


  • Professional


William Angliss Culinary College Melbourne, Australia
Apprentice Cook (Jan 1980 - Jan 1983)

Day release training per week. Remaining days in full time employment at Haggar's Restaurant Melbourne as an apprentice cook.

Work Experience

Cle Dubai
Executive Chef (Apr 2013-Jan 2016)

Greg was the face & working Chef of Clé restaurant which was launched in Dubai in 2014 '"his is my home, my new destination and my dream to finally cook in the Middle East. This is a place where I can put Middle Eastern food on a pedestal. Cle’s food is truly an expression of an ancient culture done graciously and generously".

Petersham Nursery, Richmond, United Kindom
Executive Chef (Jan 2012-Dec 2012)

In 2012 Greg was invited to join the iconic Petersham Nurseries Café in London, winning a Michelin star during his tenure on the merit of Middle Eastern cuisine....hats off to Lebanon

MoMo Restaurant, Melbourne Australia
Executive Chef (Feb 2000-Nov 2009)

In 2000 Greg was head-hunted to set up the glamorous new MoMo Restaurant in the city centre of Melbourne, and it was there that he cemented his reputation as the ‘Modern Middle Eastern Master’, winning numerous accolades and awards for his innovative cooking.

O'Connell's Hotel Restaurant, South Melbourne Australia
Head Chef (Jan 1991-Sep 2000)

Greg’s reputation was forged in Melbourne’s O’Connell’s Restaurant where, under his guidance a new kind of ‘Modern Middle Eastern’ cuisine was born: one which elevated the dishes of the Levant, North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean to a lighter, more contemporary level, making it exciting and desirable.


Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Travel: 500 kms

Language Spoken

  • English
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    Reviews from Foodies:
    November 2017
    Chef Greg's effort made this culinary experience so unique! From the quality of the food, to the interactive experience of the cooking class, everything was so perfectly put together. He has a beautifully curated, and artistic home - the same is treated with his food! Chef Greg gave us a culinary experience treated with passion and creativity, we enjoyed every minute.
    Offline Booking
    August 2016
    Chef Greg delivered an amazing culinary experience, composed of 15 sharing courses of his best Middle Eastern creations. The smoked Ox tongue on carrot labneh, the halloumi fritters with pomegranate mayonaise, the quail and the salmon kibbe naye were out of this world. Thank you Chef Greg for this unforgettable experience.
    Offline Booking
    August 2016
    This review is for a pop-up dinner organized in ChefXChanges offices in Beirut: "Greg impressed us with the creativity of the dishes. Middle Eastern cuisine revisited in an amazing way. To top it all, Greg has a wonderful personality and shared his story throughout the dinner. Not to mention his amazing cook books that we got!"
    Offline Booking
    June 2016
    The class was a great experience, Chef Greg is an amazing Chef and person. It was such a privilege to learn from him and enjoy his exquisite food at his artful place overlooking Burj Khalifa! A surely unforgettable experience.