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Eat well. Savor life. Pass it on.

Mario is your 5.0 star chef in Abu Dhabi, for hire to cook BBQ & British & European cuisines. Mario is excited to create your exclusive culinary experience with ChefXChange!



Private Chef

Summary of where the Chef’s cuisine is inspired from and how he/she goes about expressing it

I've always found cooking as a great way to express my creativity, others do it through art or music, I do it through food. Stylistically my food is clean, simple and elegant. I firmly believe in the maxim that no dish can be improved upon the original ingredients therefore the ingredients not the recipe is of the paramount importance. Inspiration comes from all around me, travel, restaurants, markets and nature. The biggest inspiring factor is emotion in those I cook for . By combining a few simple ingredients I am creating a positive, uplifting experience. It's all about how I make people feel. It's that simple.

List of the Chef's favorite ingredients

  • Butter
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Porcini mushrooms
  • Dry aged beef.


  • BBQ
  • British
  • European
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Experiences Provided

  • Private Chef
  • Catering

How did the Chef learn how to cook and what is his story?

Having an Italian heritage, cooking has always played a central role in my life from a young age. A vivid memory is of making fresh pasta with my brother and sister on a lazy Saturday afternoon. My designated role was to knead the dough until it achieved the right consistency , my Mother was very particular about that! My career started as many others do within the trade at the bottom of the ladder- a pot wash. Even at this menial , mundane position I experienced and fell in love with the atmosphere of a busy kitchen. The heat, pressure, camaraderie and produce. I studied at a well known cooking school in the U.K. and have worked most of my career in the thriving restaurant scene of central London. Internationally I have run restaurants in Australia, Italy and now the U.A.E.


  • Professional


No description provided.

Work Experience

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Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Travel: 278 kms

Language Spoken

No description provided.

Cancellation Policy

  • Flexible
    Full refund up to 2 days prior to event, except Foodie Service fees
Reviews from Foodies:
February 2018
Chef Mario exceeded our expectations. For the special occasion of my wife's 40th birthday, his menu selections, taste, presentation and communication were outstanding. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for an exquisite fine dining experience at home. I will be surely acquiring this experience through CXC again.
April 2017
It was an exceptional experience. We enjoyed and loved the food.
April 2017
3pm and the call arrives to say Chef Mario has arrived. 5 minutes orientation in the kitchen and he was already prepping. A most charming and unassuming guy just keen to please 8 pm and the guests are finally gathered and over the next 3 hours, 8 people celebrated my wife's 50th birthday with a most beautifully presented and flavourful meal of taster delights. Each course lovingly prepared and presented at the table and it was all delicious. Every plate going back was clean - no one left a morsel - and the best bit of all - a clean and tidy kitchen and all dishes washed when Mario departed. A phenomenal experience and we all loved it
October 2016
Chef Mario is a true artist who takes pleasure in cooking the best dishes customized to your taste. Very warm personality and one of your best private chefs in Abu Dhabi!