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Chef Patrick
New York | Rating: N/A | Professional
Specialty Cuisines: American, French, Fusion, Mediterranean
Vetted Experiences: Private Chef, Personal Chef, Cooking Class, Corporate Event, Catering, Chef Consultancy

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How did you start your journey?

Patrick has studied classical French and American regional cuisine, as well as health based diets such as gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, low carb.

Where is your cuisine inspired from?

Born and raised in coastal Massachusetts, Patrick’s interest in gastronomy was first sparked by his early childhood experiences of digging fire pits on the beach for clambakes, and then waiting for hours in anticipation for the delectable fruits of his labor. At the age of thirteen, he enrolled in a vocational high school to begin his study of the culinary arts, and at fifteen he got his first kitchen job. Spending his formative years working in New England restaurants, and even an assignment at sea with the Merchant Marines, Patrick acquired both his strong work ethic, and a solid foundation for his craft. Patrick’s culinary journey continued with a unique opportunity to spend the summer in southwestern France, apprenticing with Chef Nicholas De Visch. Patrick’s time with De Visch exposed him to a style of modern French cuisine that infuses the flavors of various other cultures, while using classic French technique. This experience further cultivated Patrick’s appreciation for high quality, locally sourced, and fresh ingredients. Inspired by his travels, Patrick moved to New York and enrolled in the French Culinary Institute. There he gained his classical training under the guidance of master chefs. Patrick’s interest in the healing powers of food compelled him to enroll in the Natural Gourmet Institute, to garner a better knowledge of whole food cuisine. There he learned about nutrition, gluten-free diets, and vegan cuisine. Years of personal chef experience in high profile households has required Patrick to develop a wide range of menus and cooking styles to suit his client’s needs. From preparing meals for intimate family gatherings, to large-scale events, Patrick’s cuisine is always innovative and pleasing. Whether he finds himself in a five star kitchen, or cooking by candlelight in the Serengeti, Patrick always approaches every situation with creativity and professionalism.


Private Chef | Private Chef | 2003 - Now
I've worked as a private chef since 2003. In that time I've cooked all over the US including a buffalo ranch in Colorado, hunting lodge in Maryland, yoga retreat in the Florida Keys, NYC and the Hamptons to name a few. Internationally, a game reserve in Tanzania, rural town in France, resort in Costa Rica, and a maritime training ship in the Caribbean .


Student | Natural Gourmet Institute | 2010

Student | International Culinary Center | 2009

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Strict - No refund after booking is made

What languages do you speak?


How far can you travel?

36 kms

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