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Rita is your chef in Frankfurt, for hire to cook European & Fusion & Mediterranean cuisines. Rita is excited to create your exclusive culinary experience with ChefXChange!



Private Chef

Summary of where the Chef’s cuisine is inspired from and how he/she goes about expressing it

Fusion Middle Eastern Cuisine, tapas and main courses

List of the Chef's favorite ingredients

  • Fresh Mediterranean ingredients
  • olive oil
  • vegetable and vegetarian ingredients


  • European
  • Fusion
  • Mediterranean
  • Middle Eastern
  • Syrian

Experiences Provided

  • Private Chef
  • Personal Chef
  • Cooking Class
  • Catering

How did the Chef learn how to cook and what is his story?

Two years ago, alone, I arrived to Frankfurt with two suitcases containing my clothes, and a small plastic bag, very well tightened, contains a bunch of seven spices that my mother used to grind manually. My mother does not believe in any ready-made blend of spices and considers hers the perfect base for every successful Syrian dish. I carried them as if they were my mother's blessing, a soul food, I started to cook to imitate my mother and to challenge her, to defeat the homesickness and the loneliness, to bring Home to my table and peace to my soul, after a long stressful day at work. For me, cooking is beyond being a basic source of nutrients. It is the eighth art, a key component of our culture, essential to our identity, this identity is always in motion and react with the other surrounding cultural aspects: individual, historical, geographical cultural, social and economic. The need to confirm my culture identity for the sake of facing the fact of the forced exile, has pushed me to resist by using one of oldest way of cultural and artistic expression. It is an art that we perform every day in our kitchens. “Food is the oldest global carrier of culture.” “Britannica (2007)”. Then, I started to publish pictures of my home cooking on my Facebook profile page. Suddenly, my friends, dispersed all over the world, interacted and began to express their homesick and confirm their identities through the images of their Syrian cooking and talked about the difficulties in finding the original ingredients and their ideal substitutes, how hard or easy the preparation of the dish was and some clever hints for a successful dish like the one they talk about. This is how the idea of Matbakh Gherbeh AKA Diaspora Cuisine, was born. “Diaspora Cuisine – AKA.Matbakh Gherbeh مطبخ غربة ” is a cultural project through facebook, providing an open and intimate discussion space for Syrian refugees/expatriates which reflects the cultural and geographical diversity of the group members and present it in an inclusive and amiable way. Nowadays, the group receives daily, tens of posts about cooking expressed by different means: art, poetry, literature, photography, cooking, decoration etc., The project aims at documenting some sides of the Syrian culture which revolves around the rich and diverse Syrian cuisine, and provide a vivid and hopeful image for the cultural identity of the Syrian refugees/expatriates through their rich and diverse cuisine and the traditions surrounding it as strong link to his past, confirmation of his present and tool of integration with the new hosting communities. Today, Matbakh Gherbeh AKA Diaspora Cuisine’s page on facebook counts more than 8000 expatriates and refugees, spread in the four points of the world, from Sydney and Bangkok to San Francisco. The greater number today is located in Germany. They cook, share recipes and inform each other of the appropriate alternatives for the original ingredients. And most importantly, they started to talking to each other again, after a long rupture due to the different political opinions regarding what is happening now in Syria. They are networking to save their culinary heritage.


  • Amateur


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Frankfurt, Germany
Travel: 500 kms

Language Spoken

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Arabic
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